Professional Board


Prof. Dr. Syed Nisar Hussain Hamdani

PhD Eco. QAU, Harvard University Wrtheim Fellowship [Divine Economics], Postdoc Harvard [Divine Economics] USA and LSE UK

Prof. Dr. Syed Nisar Hussain Hamdani, Chairman of Higher Education Services Pakistan, is an acclaimed pioneer of Divine Economics Theory and a visionary in educational innovation. With over 35 years of experience in university as Professor, Director, HOD, and Dean, and Chief Advisor of two newly establishing private universities, his work spans pioneering new institutions, authoring key frameworks like the Universal-Values-Classification Framework, Values-based Curriculum Framework, measurement indexes religiosity, spirituality, ethical values, and contributing significantly to higher education policy and development. His recognition includes the HEC Pakistan Best Teacher Award, two best teacher awards from University of AJK, Best-paper of the Conference Awards, Medals, influential policy-level roles in HEC committees, and successful projects with international bodies such as UNIDO, UNICEF, ILO, Harvard, and the World Bank. Dr. Hamdani’s expertise in multidisciplinary research, combined with his talent as a motivational speaker and team mobilizer, makes him an invaluable asset for clients looking to establish new universities or upgrade colleges into universities, research projects, and higher education services, driving towards national aspirations and universal goals of human excellence [کمالِ انسان]. For clients interested in establishing new universities, particularly values-based institutes, journals, research projects, and a variety of other higher education services, Prof. Dr. Syed Nisar Hussain Hamdani offers an unparalleled blend of academic rigour, innovative thinking, and strategic leadership.

His vision for actualizing his passion, national aspirations, and universal holistic goals of human excellence makes him an invaluable architect for those aiming to create impactful and sustainable educational institutions.


Other details:

Dr. Hamdni has been; Former Dean of Social Sciences/professor & Director Institute of Economics/Director Kashmir Studies/Founder Chairman Islamic Economy & Banking/HOD LLM/ Founder HOD Institute of Education/ Coordinator, Pre-Service Teacher Education Program, University of AJK.

……. also served as;

  • Chairman, HEC National Committee on ‘Economics’
  • Chairman, HEC Joint Consultative Group for Journals
  • Convener, HEC Consultative Group for Social Sciences
  • Convenor, HEC Plagiarism Committee
  • Member Board of Governors, AERC, University of Karachi [Rep. HEC]
  • Chairman of the Government of Punjab’s Committee for developing Curriculum Framework
  • Chairman, Education Reforms & Integration Committee, constituted by the President of AJK for reforms in general, technical and madrassah education.


Cell: 03001214027