About Us

We are the leading providers of unique and highly sought-after services in the higher education sector.

As a consulting consortium of experts, we offer interactive advisory and consulting services to all stakeholders in the education sector, including investors, management, parents, students, research organizations, business firms, and NGOs. Our services encompass educational planning, investment guidance, technological support, skill development, curriculum development, training, technology integration, and research support.

At HES, we specialize in providing advisory services to elevate educational projects in emerging markets, both domestically and internationally. By engaging our consultants, you can enhance the effectiveness of your existing projects or rapidly establish new ones. Our technical advisory support is particularly beneficial for organizations that are underutilizing their potential or facing the risk of failure. Our team of affiliate and independent experts crafts specialized plans to promote the health and profitability of your projects, whether in normal or post-crisis situations, tailored to your specific contexts.


Knowledge management with values

Our Mission

We Aim to help the education sector institutions, NGOS and investors to achieve their commercial and noble goals side by side through specialized planning and development. We support for establishment and promotion of educational institutions, research, policy and practice especially in higher education sector through advisory, consultancy and technical services